Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Back in April the husband decided to purchase a Jeep, which is great, because they are so much fun! I knew this purchase was coming for about 7 months.  We had taken a trip to Cozumel in September 2010, we rented one when we were there and the obsession began the second we returned the keys. Well as with all new things I was hesitant to drive his new "toy" and after about 3 months those feelings wore off. It is amazing how YOUNG I feel in that thing:) So it became the "when Brian is at work and I have a lunch date with my gal pals" car, which one week was 3 times, tee-hee! So my time of reckoning came when my pal asked me to dinner and when she came to get me nonchalantly asked if we could take the Jeep. Sure, why not? At that moment my wonderful husband comes around the corner and opens the door for me *swoon* IT IS the little things, right? My girlfriend gave me the " you are so lucky googly eyes" and I had to admit that I felt lucky he was being so sweet in front of my friend. And with that he leaned over and said "this thing does not run on hopes and dreams, fill it up on the way home." Ahhh , there is the man I married:)

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